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The International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry   

The International Union of Public Associations “The International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry” (IUPA IUVNEI) was founded in 2010 under the initiative of Russian and foreign veterans on the basis of cooperation between veteran public associations of the countries of the Eastern Europe developing nuclear energy on the basis of Russian technologies and projects. Currently, the Union includes thirteen public organizations of veterans-nuclear specialists from eleven countries.

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Countries-candidates for entrance and international organizations-partners:

Currently IUVNEI is a unique veteran organization accredited at the International Agency of Atomic Energy (IAEA).

Today IUVNEI includes:

  • “the Union of Veterans of Armenian NPP”;

  • “the Union of Veterans of Nuclear Industry”, Hungary;

  • “the Union of Veterans of Ignalina NPP”, Lithuania;

  • Interregional public movement of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry (IPMVNEI) of the State Corporation “Rosatom”, Russia;

  • Interregional public organization of veterans of OAO “Rosenergoatom” (MOOVK), Russia;

  • “the Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy of Ukraine”, Ukraine;

  • Section of​ Veterans of Nuclear Society of Finland”, Finland;

  • “Veterans of Czech Nuclear Power Plants”, Czech;

  • “Section of veterans of Slovak Nuclear Society”, Slovakia;

  • “Slovak Nuclear Forum”, Slovakia;

  • “Veterans of Czech Nuclear Power Plants, Czech;

  • “Veterans of Nuclear Science, Energy and Industry of Republic Kazakhstan”, Kazakhstan.


           Appeal of veterans of nuclear energy and industry


To all the veterans, operators, scientific and production organizations of nuclear energy and industry of all countries of the world.

To all public national, foreign and international organizations.

To all legislative and executive bodies all over the world.

We, the veterans of nuclear energy and industry having unified into the International Union of Veterans of Nuclear Energy and Industry are convinced:

  • in necessity of support of  nuclear energy further development as non-competitive source of energy for observable period of time which is capable to rescue further generations from energy crisis;

  • nuclear energy is unique utilized by the mankind energy field comparable under its capacity with traditional energy sources on organic fuel;

  • only energy which includes the part of nuclear energy is increasing every year is capable to provide:

    • technological, economic and social progress, modern level of life quality of the Earth population;

    • energy safety of the countries using it;

    • mankind with opportunity and time for industrial utilization and transfer to new, including renewable energy sources.