Meeting of the International Secretariat of the IUVNEI

On January 10, 2022, a meeting of the International Secretariat of the IUVNEI was held in Moscow.

The meeting was attended by the First Vice-Chairmen of the IUVNEI B.O.Duisebaev and D.M.Maksimovich; Vice-Chairmen V.T.Lebedenko and I.I.Kuleshov; the Secretariat staff members N.P.Kornev, I.V.Astakhova and G.V.Buslaeva.

The work regulations of the International Secretariat staff were approved; the main tasks and responsibilities of staff members for January 2022 were approved, in particular, for the preparation of the conference in Armenia. The state of the IUVNEI website and the draft Contract for the use of premises were discussed.

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